Boutique Law Practice Representing Florida: (a) Licensed Childcare/Daycare Facilities; (b) Special Needs Children; (c) Couples Seeking a “Peaceful Split;” and (d) Mental Health Professionals

Whether you are contemplating a divorce, trying to obtain a proper education for your special needs child, dealing with licensing violations at your childcare facility, or your mental health professional license is at risk, you need an attorney to guide you, advocate for you, and be there by your side. I am that attorney.

My Niche Areas of Practice:

  • Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Law – Because I firmly believe that marriage can end via a “PeacefulSplit®” and don’t necessarily need to be mean, vicious and lengthy proceedings, I do not handle “contested” divorces or matters involving divorce litigation. Through a successful “Peaceful Split®,” you and your spouse can end your marriage with your dignities intact, without fighting and anger and misery.
  • Special-Needs Children -The schools have a team of professionals to “worry” about the school’s concerns and resources. Ever walk into an IEP Team meeting and feel like its you against an army ready to pounce? Ever receive a draft IEP at the last minute and have no idea what to do? Ever wish you had someone who was an attorney and knowledgeable about the law and issues pertaining to your son’s or daughter’s education on your team? I’m Eric B. Epstein – proud father and fighter for the education rights of Florida’s Special Needs Children!
  • Childcare Business Representation -Childcare licensing issues are never easy, but not all violations and problems have to be tragic. My approach is to have a personalized attorney-client relationship, based upon each clients individual circumstances. I strive to be the voice of reason during a highly stressful time, and I work hard to vigorously defend you, when the worst happens. However, I also strive to prepare you and your staff so that those types of issues are rare and infrequent..
  • Mental Health Professional Representation – Whether you are a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Intern, Psychologist, or other Florida MHP, you know how difficult it was to obtain you license. Don’t let an ethical dilemma or other licensing issue cause you to lose your license.

I am Personally Here to Help You Now.

Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Eric B. Epstein, Esq., has over two decades cumulative experience helping businesses and families work through a wide range of legal issues. I know what I know, and don’t get involved in many different areas of the law. I accept cases where my dedication and passion are. Whatever situation you face, I compassionately guide you through the legal process and toward the best possible future for you, your business and your family. Contact Eric B. Epstein today at 954-272-8292.